Qualities We Look For

We look for a record of personal accomplishment and impact. While demonstrating an ability to persevere in a constant problem-solving environment, our colleagues approach their work and life with humility. We expect that to be evidenced in your deep and long term relationships with your previous employer, clients and partners.

Cypress River Advisors’ broad range of expertise is derived from our team members’ diverse backgrounds. Team members have education and/or work experience in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, science, business, medicine, law and the arts. This diversity brings new insights, innovation and solutions, which are especially valuable given that today’s business complexities demand a multi-disciplinary approach. Moreover, the needs of our clients require that we be able to bring into play different skill sets as well as a knowledge base, which is both wide and deep.

The Day-to-Day

Every industry is different. Every client is unique. Every day brings a new challenge. We work closely with our clients in-market helping them identify issues, forming and testing hypotheses, gathering data and implementing solutions as they build their businesses. For our clients, every decision is a hard decision and our input counts.  Necessarily, we expect a high level of performance and passion that is required to deliver results.

Cypress River Advisors is a place where continuous growth and professional development is the norm. It is about being the best you can be and we are here to help you succeed.

How do I Apply?

Please browse our open positions at Cypress River Advisors here, or with our clients, or send your resume/CV and cover letter to inquiries@cypressriveradvisors.com. Requisite qualifications differ by practice area, but in addition to educational background and work experience we also look for:

  • Examples of community leadership or industry advocacy
  • Languages skills