Interview with Dennis Mortensen, CEO

Welcome to Cypress River Advisors’ Reality Check Series where we discuss tech’s bleeding edge players. Cypress River’s Lubna Kabir sits down with Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder of

Deep learning techniques, a subset of machine learning, are being applied to horizontal AI’s like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant. Samsung is catching up through its recent acquisition of Viv Labs. Google and Amazon are extending their reach into your home. While the Big 5 are focused on building out their horizontal AIs, Dennis and his team at take a different approach by applying the same techniques by going vertical, specifically into scheduling.

We at Cypress River Advisors, believe that “voice” will be next OS, but email and messaging will not be going away anytime soon. We posit the greatest gains in efficiency, particularly for the enterprise, will be through vertical AI applications. Dennis makes a compelling argument that scheduling is a pain. At the enterprise level, it is a waste of human resources and time. Resources better spent on value creation. Automation of the most mundane of tasks at a reasonable price should yield clear ROI and pave the path for other vertical AI-driven monetization opportunities.

After you have watched these clips, join in on the conversation. The firm partners are closely tracking developments in China. We assure you Tencent and Alibaba won’t be just focusing on the domestic market or just Mandarin. Contact us, we promise we won’t be a chat bot!


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