Cyber warfare versus Mr. Robot

If you want a sense of what cyber warfare looks like, watch how hackers take over the grid in Ukraine.

Your business is collateral damage. Warfare is not just waged with guns and bombs anymore. It is getting into critical infrastructure, key business services and making civilian life as inconvenient as possible. Your business sits on that battlefield where there are no borders.  Keeping your business out of these shenanigans means being prepared and manage risk. That means having an honest conversation about your technological and people vulnerabilities. Endpoint and cloud security are not just the responsibility of your CIO and CTO, it is a CEO and Board responsibility.

Cyberwarfare isn’t executed by script kiddies, these are asymmetric warfare tools used by nation states.

There are no magic bullets. There is no single solution. It is a constantly changing game. You need to invest in people and technology. This is how you enable defense-in-depth. It is hardware, software, processes, and people ensure you have the ability to mitigate and recover quickly.